For as long as I can remember, music has always been a big part of my life. I was exposed to and enjoy a wide range of music from legendary and contemporary artists from all genres. My walls are adorned with LED lights and an eclectic mix of vinyl. I have always felt comfortable in front of people singing and performing throughout school and church. This focus got more serious as the years rolled on and as I would sing in talent shows, for community and business events, beauty pageants, and yes, I even auditioned for the X Factor. Blending my talent with dedication and hard work, always keeping my eye on my future music career, led me to remain disciplined in what I did and, more importantly, what I did not do growing up. I would channel my own personal experiences and those of my friends into songs and learned I have a strong talent for writing and even taught myself to play piano.

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I decided to get an early start on my music career and took extra classes throughout the year to graduate from my middle college high school in just three years, in 2015. I worked as a Receptionist at a local Spa then as a Barista at Starbucks in the day and would write and sing at different venues as they came along. I worked with a friend who was new to being a producer and began to develop an EP to hopefully present to a major label. That relationship did not work out so I was left to record my own songs on my iPhone in the privacy of my room, my sanctuary. My experience at Starbucks was not the best, so I left for a smaller coffee shop called Crave. Working in the day and writing at night, it seemed as if my dream might in fact turn out to be just that. My manager job at Crave is great and I love the owners, but I still felt this was not where I am destined to be. While I am able to hide my inner artist behind a simple black T shirt and hair in a ponytail while I produce wonderful coffee creations, I just could not let this dream die and know that many people on the verge of success give up and getting up just one more time might be all that is needed for that big break.

I decided to put myself out there and see what happens. I made arrangements to perform some of my songs and covers at a larger coffee venue. I practiced for weeks with my co worker who was amazing on the guitar, created flyers and promoted the event on social media and at Crave. I had a good turnout of family, friends and even patrons. One patron in particular, Fernando, turned out to be that one special person that would represent that special moment in my career where everything changed. I did not know who he was or what he did, but he knew I could make great coffee and seemed really excited to learn I could sing. Turns out, by a twist of fate he was only in town for a few months and a partner of a new talent agency, Ten X Talent, based in Hollywood. Believe it or not, I had gotten sick just before my show and thought of cancelling, but pushed through. Fernando sat in the front row with his notepad (taking notes) and also recording a video of my performance. He shared his video of my performance with his partner, Latham Ford, which led to a meeting in Hollywood. As I got to know them (including Trell Thomas), their passion for the business, creativity and vision for me, I got very excited and knew this was right. I entered into a contract with Ten X Talent just before Thanksgiving 2017 and am getting everything ready to launch full force into the music business in 2018. I am so thankful to everyone who has supported me over the years and believed in me and looking back can now see how every challenge, accomplishment, opportunity and decision has led me to this point in my life and I am so excited to finally share my music with the world.