Born in Washington, D.C., Lena Chanel discovered a passion for music at an early age. She was surrounded by music growing up in a home full of musically inclined siblings and parents. Eventually, she began to write and record her own songs, gaining studio experience that has now been very beneficial—while also studying dance for about 6 years. In junior high, she started off as a member of an R&B girl group, which lasted about two years before all 3 members decided to become solo artists. Throughout high school, Lena stayed involved in the music scene by being a member of the school’s vocal ensemble, while also participating in talent shows, concerts, and other musical events. She became very serious about her music, and made the decision to attend Full Sail University in Florida, studying Recording Engineering & Music Business, while growing and learning as an artist.

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At Full Sail University, Lena Chanel began to work on her first, self-titled, EP. While evolving as a singer, songwriter, and producer, she began to grow into her own personal sound. Her project, “Lena Chanel EP,” was released March 9, 2012 and her first official music video was released April 19, 2013. After the release of the project, Lena received a large amount of blog write-ups, social media reposts, and features on music sites.

Since her first EP, Lena Chanel has consistently released new music for her fans. In July 2014, she released her first official iTunes single, “No More,” which did extremely well on the web, receiving more than 70,000 plays on Soundcloud. She also has a very strong social media presence, with thousands of Instagram and Twitter followers. In January 2015, Lena released a music video to her new single “On My Mind,” which was her first official Vevo release. Since that release, she has taken time to work on an EP that is still being cooked up!