I remember how it all started. i met Tree at Gospel BaptisT, a daycare at the time in Virginia, at the age of 4. We used to make beats on the table and beat-box all the time. ~ J-mask

I’ll never forget in the second grade, we had our first performance in front of the entire class. It was supposed to be a consequence after our teacher, ms. Pierce, caught us rapping in the bathroom. I was actually teaching j a verse that my mom taught me, lol. She had us stand in the front of the room and perform for everybody. I did the beat and J did that Rap. We killed that shit. Everyone was hype. Ms Pierce was shocked at how good it was. ~ Tree

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In middle school, we started writing our own raps. My first name was J-Luva, and Tree was T-rizzle, LOL. Over time, My pops noticed the amount of songs we had and asked if we wanted to get in the studio. We recorded two songs our first session, and fell in love. I guess you can say that was the birth of JandTree. ~ J-Mask

Ever since 2010, we’ve just been grinding. We continued to put out music throughout our college years. Then in 2013, we saved up as much as we could and moved to LA to further pursue our music career. No family, no connections, just us. We definitely went from boys to men. – Tree

I feel like this move has not only matured us, but developed us as artist. We moved out here assuming it would be easy to get put on being that we felt our music was great. But quickly learned, that wasn’t True. We were around a lot of celebrities and people who could, or at least we thought so, “put us on”, but we had no product. And asking for a handout is not the wave. ~ J-Mask

We pretty much came from the ground up in LA. Built our own network, made our connections in person, and had to struggle for a few years. But now the space we are in as artist is magical, and we just can’t wait to share it with the world. We love music. We love listening to it, we love creating it. It’s what got us through the hardest of times. ~ Tree